Monday, 18 April 2011

Review:Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation.

hi everyone,

last week i bought maybelline's dream creamy foundation in boots while it was on sale for 8 euro.It looked interesting and easy for school.

the packaging/product
the foundation is actually in the lid,it doesn't look like theres a lot but i use the tiniest amount so it should last me a while.then the base opens up and you have a sponge,i thought that this would have a mirror since its a compact but i didn't so i poped a little mirror out of one of my double compact mirrors and it already had some stickiness on it so i just stuck it where the sponge smell.This was a cream to liquid foundation,it feels laavly :)

sooo so quick and easy to put on!i used to hate  putting on liquid foundation in the morning because i felt horrible and tired and i have dry skin so it takes a while to blend,but this was just swipe swipe done!and it was very very moisterising.I use the sponge provided but you can use a brush.This really has shaved off like 3 minutes of my foundation routine!:),It was dewy and full coverage,i got the shade 04 light porcelain

The only bad thing about this was the shade choice,i think there are only 4,&
like cream blush,gets dirty easy.

                       byee x


  1. When using the Maybelline Dream Mousse cream blushes try using it with a stippling brush. I use it every morning and it looks flawless and very natural. I do not put a lot on but it gives the blush a nice airbrush look. I think you could do that with the foundation but I don't know if the consistancy is the same. Hope this helps!

  2. thanks,i love cream blush i use it with an elf stippling brush, although i prefer the sponge for the foundation (: x