Saturday, 28 May 2011

Everyday Eye MakeUp

 hello everyone :)
just took some pictures of my everyday eye makeup
that i have been loving recently ! i used the sleek palette and avon
plump out mascara,i also finally got the hang of eyeliner and love it !

i used a mac 213 flat eyeshadow brush to apply that shimmery colour
all over my lid,i then used a mac 224 fluffy blending brush and put that shimmery
brown in my crease,i used 2true liquid eyeliner(love!) and avon plump out mascara,
again love it!sorry its not much detail,i wasnt wearing makeup (concealer,foundation)
and my skin looked awful !

more posts coming soon as summer is in a week,for now im studying !
have a great weekend xx

Friday, 20 May 2011

she got that whole place glowin'

   ♥ hello everyone :)
sorry i dont post during the week,all i want to
do when i get home from school is sleep,haha.
so heres some pictures i took..

♥ new candles in pineapple palm and sweet pea,mmm make my room
smell so good !

♥ new nude nail polish from h&m in pink mist,love it.

♥ new bourjois blush in lilas d'or,

sorry not much of a post,more coming soon though :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

there is nothing id do better than revenge.

 ♥ hello everyone
sorry haven't been posting much,
had school all week.only three weeks left though
so happy (:
so heres just a few pictures i took..

♥ first time i ever made cupcakes without fail,uber proud.

 ♥ tried nail marbling and love how it turned out,beauty uk and boots purple,
go subscribe to the genius behind thiss

♥ so much choccy from easter,ill never be able for it all haha,so melting it and making rice
crispie cakes (:

♥ nail polish from boots,over barry m cobalt blue,lovee it,so much prettier in person when
the lights shines on it 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Favorites.

                                                      Happy May everyone 
                                     April was a good month,with the weather,
                                 Easter holidays and Blackpool,also for beauty faves (:
                                I'm so happy its May,because that means we're one month
                                            closer to S U M M E R,wehay !

                                            Any Way,heres the faves..


                                                ♥  Sleek Storm Palette,
                                                ♥  The Body Shop Exfoliater
                                                ♥  Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
                                                ♥  Garnier Fructis Mousse
                                                ♥  Co.2000 Black Eye Liner
                                                ♥  Primark Uv NailPolish (no name)
                                                ♥  2True Cheek Tint
                                                ♥  Pearl Earrings
                                                ♥  Tinted Vaseline