Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summer Summer Summer

                                                                hellooo everyone!
                                                      having a great sunny Thursday ?
                                                   I have one last test tomorrow and then
                                                         its officialy summer !yayayay
                                              So im going to Turkey on Sunday and cant wait
                                             im just going to show you want makeup im taking
                                                     and stuff,ill have more posts later :)

                                           im taking collection 2000 button moon and dynasty,loveee them

       collection 2000 powder,(foundation+sunscreen to !),mua blush 1,mememe sunbeam highlighter,
           catrice concealer,sleek ink pot,mini clinique mascara,collec.2000 eye liner,lipsmaker.
                                                       pretty  earrings from primark :)
                                            my favey colour bikini from dunnes and oversized top from h&m

                                                             have a lovely day :)