Monday, 18 April 2011

How To:Get Gorgeous Legs For Summer.

hello again,
bikini season is around the corner
and you dont want to have pale,dry & dull legs do you ?
heres a step by step guide on how to get gorgeous glowing legs.
oh and its inexpensive too !

so you will need:

♥ an exfoliating glove

♥ shower gel of choice

♥ razor-i dont use any thing fancy like venus just bic ones haha

♥self tanner (im using a gradual one,but my favourite ones are st.moriz a great cheap dupe for st,tropiz ! or sally hansen air brush legs)

♥baby oil or body butter some thing nice 'n moisterising !im using johnsons baby oil,but i love the body shop body butters to :)

♥so first step into a lovely hot shower,to open pores,or a bath.

♥put your glove on and lather up the shower gel on your legs and scrub,gently remove all those  dead skin cells.

♥shave your legs,i do this over the lather in the shower/bath.

♥blast with cold water it closes your pores.

♥stepping out of the  shower immediately apply oil/butter to lock in moisture and pat dry.

 ♥when your hair is all dry and youre ready,using a glove or self tanning mit,evenly apply self-tan,i apply the gradual tan every night,for a glow.

and there you go,i do this twice a week,and if this didnt help,i dont know what will. x

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  1. Love this post! I used a gradual tanner a lot last summer because I never had time to get out in the sun so I always looked like a ghost. LOL But I am hoping to start using it again this week because my boyfriend graduates next week and I want to wear a skirt to graduation and my legs look too pale. Thanks, definitely going to try! :)