Thursday, 29 December 2011

Lets start over

Hi Loves! Sorry for not blogging in so long,but now i'm back and inspired :-) I've also been on Tumblr alot haha,check it out if you like,it's to get back into blogging for the New Year here are some pictures I took...

1.My Christmas Shoes from New Look
2.Sexy nutella hot chocolate I made with nutella,milk,cinnamon and whipped cream.
3.My best friend and I love to go up to the very top floor of this shopping centre to eat on the window ledge,It's even more pretty with all of the christmas lights.
4.Here I'm eating M&S cheese cake,mmm..
5.The Christmas tree in the City Centre and mine..

Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and i'll blog to yous tomorrow!
Ciara xox