Friday, 29 April 2011

Lets have a look inside my bag...

im sorry its not the most interesting bag,i actually like to keep it kinda clean haha,
so lets see whats inside ...

This Bag is from Primark,it was €9.

  ♥ Aprils Glamour  
  ♥ A pen
  ♥ Deodorant
  ♥ A Comb
  ♥ Rimmel Stay Matte
  ♥ 182 kabuki
  ♥ 2True concealer
  ♥ Barry m lipgloss,toffee
  ♥ tinted vaseline
  ♥ bobbi pin
  ♥ mini ted baker xo perfume
  ♥ €6 :P
  ♥Coca Cola Lipsmacker
  ♥ Co.2000 nailpolish,33 dynasty
  ♥ Sunglasses
  ♥ Key
  ♥ Purse
  ♥ iPod
  ♥ Nail Buffer

   i couldn't find my phone haha,and i was using the camera,and its not a mary poppins bag,its bigger in person (:
                                            I tag you all,if you haven't allready done this which is unlikely ;)


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